Barco offers support with Diagnostics Companion

Barco says its Diagnostics Companion enables users of Barco Series I and Series II projectors to identify, diagnose, troubleshoot and remedy error conditions without technical support.

The Diagnostics Companion is integrated in Barco's Communicator software, starting with version 4.0. The Communicator runs as a standard PC application, or on Barco's Communicator Touch Panel.

As an interactive module, the Diagnostics Companion runs in the background until needed. If an error condition occurs and the projector's red “tail lights” turn on, a pop-up message appears in the Communicator — informing the user about the specific condition. If more information is available, the user can click an adjacent icon, which automatically opens the Diagnostics Companion. Within the Companion's window, comprehensive tables are provided that outline the situation and the solution. In addition, step-by-step troubleshooting procedures are provided, including detailed pictures of specific components.

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