Barco launches TruePix videowall platform

Barco has launched a new LED videowall platform called TruePix.

TruePix is designed from the ground up to create a purpose-built videowall for a variety of enterprise applications. 

TruePix is aimed at usage in control rooms, television studios, lobbies, boardrooms, auditoriums, and other corporate applications. 

TruePix are 16:9 tiles, available in multiple options, with pixel pitches ranging from 0.9 to 1.9 mm. It is the first product to incorporate Barco’s Infinipix Gen2 image processing system. Infinipix Gen2 guarantees dimming without any loss in colour accuracy, which expands the effectiveness of the installation. Barco’s proprietary smart calibration method for wide colour gamut support and full colour balancing control, creates rich, true-to-life images. TruePix's EcoPower mode ensures reduced energy consumption, helping to limit the ecological footprint.

SteadyView improves viewing ergonomics and reduces eye fatigue. This is especially important in control room environments, where the staff intensely use the wall for multiple hours on end. This makes TruePix one of the very first purpose-built LED walls for critical and high-intensity applications like control rooms and command centres.

If a module needs to be replaced, Barco guarantees that batch-compatible spare tiles (along with full service support) are available for up to 10 years.

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