Barco launches Clickshare Meeting for smaller meeting rooms

Barco has announced changes to its Clickshare portfolio of collaboration products.  The current product, which has been on the market for 12 months, will now be called Clickshare Classic (CSC). The new addition to the range is a new smaller and cheaper product called Clickshare Meeting (CSM).

CSM is 70% smaller than the CSC unit, and is more than half the price, with the CSM selling for €1750 (£1500) compared to the CSC which sells at €3950 (£3000).

CSM is being launched to address the rise in huddle rooms, meetings rooms which are primarily for 4-6 people. CSC is now being packaged as an AV system for board rooms and conference rooms.

CSM comes with a bse unit and 2 buttons as standard (CSC comes with 4 as standard).  Both CSM and CSC will support mobile apps.

CSM can display 1 person's content at a time, where as CSC can display up to 4 screens at once.

CSM is capable of handling 8 connections at once, with CSC capable of handling up to 64 connections at the same time.

CSM is shipping now, and is available from AV distributor TDMaverick in the UK.