Barco launches 'ClickShare Inside' option

Barco is to couple two of its products, ClickShare and Present projectors with the new 'ClickShare Inside' option. After integrating this option within its Present projector, users can wirelessly share their content on-screen.

The 'ClickShare Inside' option consists of a CSM Base Unit and an integration kit containing a bracket and three cables – HDMI, USB to RS-232, and a power cable – and can be hidden under the hood of the projector.

Featuring a fully wireless connection, the ClickShare functionality is automatically activated once the projector is switched on.

Meeting participants can then share content on-screen by clicking the ClickShare Button, or by installing the ClickShare Presenter app on their Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

The new update of the Button Manager software – available for download from 20 January onwards – users can now pair their ClickShare Buttons via their laptop as well as via the Base Unit’s USB port.

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