Barco firmware upgrade has CineCanvas

Barco has made CineCanvas subtitling support available to its DP2K family of digital cinema projectors via a firmware upgrade.

The company also revealed that it has obtained full DCI compliance for its line of DP2K ‘C’ projectors.

CineCanvas was developed by Texas Instruments and eliminates the need for distributors to make a special print for each language version. Furthermore, it offers exhibitors access to a broader range of content and a wider choice of server options.

Barco's latest firmware upgrade with CineCanvas support is immediately available. It can be downloaded from Barco's online customer portal at https://my.barco.com.

Barco also revealed its series of DP2K 'C' digital projectors has been listed on the DCI website, formally confirming their compliance in accordance with the DCI Specification. All three models (DP2K-12C, DP2K-15C and DP2K-20C) have successfully completed the DCI testing procedures carried out by testing agency CineCert. The compliance procedure for Barco's large chip DP2K 'B' projectors is ongoing.