Barco enhances control room software

Barco has unveiled a new version of its control room management software in Las Vegas. The CMS-110 is designed to provide operators and decision-makers with access to information and the ability to connect to multiple sources.

“Today’s control rooms are complex networked environments handling an ever increasing number of video and data sources,” said Karel Buijsse, product manager of application software at Barco. “Efficient collaboration, information sharing and decision-making is only possible if operators and decision-makers have easy and timely access to this information. With the continued focus on network-centric visualization solutions, Barco allows control room operators to easily work with large amounts of data and to collaborate more efficiently.”

Based on a networked concept, the software is claimed to enable users to visualise sources in full quality, regardless of where the information has to be presented – on small LCD displays, video walls or operator workstations.

CMS-110 allows operators to control and manage displays and sources via a drag and drop interface.

CMS-110 is the second release of Barco’s control room management suite.

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