Barco debuts 4K resolution simulation projector

Barco has unveiled its F400-HR projector, offering 4K resolution projections for simulation systems.

The F400-HR is designed for the training and simulation market, with a native resolution of 4K which can be lifted to 6K and higher using the projector’s built-in pixel-shift capability. 

The projector features processing of up to 240 Hz at native 4K resolution, using the Barco Pulse platform to high bandwidth capacity and multiple processing options which can take place with minimal time delays. 

Barco Pulse also features an expansion port for optional modules to increase the range of standard inputs and API to integrate custom management tools and features. 

The F400-HR has a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours (based on the mode of operation) without maintenance and is rated for shock and vibration for use on motion platforms. 

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