Baldwin Boxall Launch CallCare

Baldwin Boxall Communications has added a call response system to its product portfolio. CallCare is ideal for use in all types of private, commercial, residential and public sector buildings and enables a member of the general public, a member of staff or a patient to call for assistance by a single button press or pull cord.

The system confirms a call has been generated by means of a light and sounder, reassuring the caller and ensuring that a response is provided. CallCare is fully addressable, easy to install and is hard wired for totally reliability (only requiring two common wire connections).
Comprising of a display controller (up to 32- or 99-way) and a choice of alarm triggers, the system can be used for a large range of applications – hotels, sports centres, nursing/care homes, surgeries, treatment rooms, court rooms – to name but a few. The control units feature an LED numeric display and sounder and the system can be set so that selected trigger points have priority over others – a call made from a prioritised trigger will override all others (or given equal priority to points set in the same way) until the ‘patient’ has been seen and the call reset.
A ‘call point’ consists of an addressable ‘overdoor’ light sounder, a local reset point and up to three ‘triggers’. The range includes two types of alarm trigger – a pull cord or an infrared device. The pull cord, normally employed in toilet and bath areas, has two ‘G’ shaped ring pulls, ensuring compliance to BS8300:2001. The infrared device, typically worn around the neck, is supplied with a cord and used in conjunction with a wall-mounted infrared receiver.

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