Baldwin Boxall extends Omnicare EVC

Baldwin Boxall has extended its Omnicare EVC system to include up to 8,064 outstations with the launch of OmnicarePlus.

The system provides a touchscreen interface as the master point of control, with local areas taken care of via standard style panels.

Additional touchscreen control points can be added to the system; enabling placement in alternative control or security rooms. These will be ‘slave’ or ‘mimic’ panels unless full control is transferred due to comprise of the master control point or as required.

Each local area control panel can handle up to 64 outstations and these can be any combination of any of the outstation types available for the Omnicare system. Site network cabling can be via copper, single mode fibre or multi-mode fibre. Features include multi-layer graphical touchscreen control, automatic call queuing, multiple touchscreen control locations with optional mimicking of status, incoming call logging and audio recording.

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