Azure introduces Huddlepod Air wireless speakerphone

Azure Integrated Solutions has announced the release of Huddlepod Air, a conferencing wireless speakerphone.

The 2.4 GHz wireless audio conferencing speakerphone is designed to work with any UAC-compatible software (including Skype, Lync, Webex and GoToMeeting), and function as on-the-go speakerphone to accompany a USB PTZ camera.

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X or Android, users connect the receiver antenna to a USB port to start conferencing. The speakerphone incorporates full duplex microphone pick up and is suited for 1-10 person tables.

The speakerphone features built-in automatic DSP and EQ: 256 channel acoustic echo cancellation, up to 16dB noise cancellation and auto level control and 360-degree, omni-directional pickup. It has a simultaneous 3.5mm audio output jack on speakerphone for headphones or additional amplification (of far-side) via an external system.

Azure has also introduced the HuddlePod Air Big Audio, featuring the HuddlePod Air unit and the Big Audio unit – with a ¼-in audio output (1/8-in adapter included) for connecting to larger audio systems (i.e. amplifiers, ceiling speakers or TV stereo).

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