AZilPix to debut Studio.One system for live video capture/streaming

AZilPix will be at NAB next month (April 22-27) to debut Studio.One, a camera system for multi-angle and live 360 video production.

Developed by a team of academics in Europe in partnership with broadcasters and manufacturers, Studio.One employs ultra-high resolution cameras with wide angle and/or fish eye lenses to capture every aspect of a live event from multiple angles.

The system is designed to integrate into a traditional or IP broadcast environment and blend with VR video production, making it suitable for remote internet or broadcast live productions such as music concerts, sports events, church services and conferences.

Studio.One consists of three integrated components: camera, capture server and processing software.

The server ingests the raw, wide-angle video data from the cameras and allows recording and live processing of this data into one or more rectilinear views and a view mosaic. Although framing can be conducted live, one feature of the system is that framing can be carried out offline at the viewing or post production stage. Using software-based pan-tilt-zoom ‘virtual camera’ cut-outs, a single operator can capture shots from multiple vantage points.

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