Avolites launches Synergy software control system

Avolites has launched its software control system, Synergy, a V12 software upgrade to both Avolites’ lighting console and server ranges, allowing lighting designers visibility and control over both the lighting and video components of a system.

Users can pull control of pre-created screen surfaces and layers into a Titan-based lighting console with one button, creating surfaces in an Ai media server from the console interface. 

All operations are handled via Avolites’ Titan Net protocol on whatever hardware the user runs, including Titan USB interfaces, the Sapphire Touch console, Ai software licenses and the Q4 media server. 
The software includes a Lightmap feature to allow users to stream Ai video colour data through colour-mixing fixture groups to integrate them into a larger video canvas, allowing LED screens and LED fixture groups to be controlled from one user interface without creating and arranging fixtures in the media server or creating ArtNet merges, with users able to select the group and choose Ai in the pixel mapper. 

Synergy allows for live video previews of up to six simultaneous streams from the media server via the Titan interface, providing users with control over whether servers are located FOH or elsewhere, which can be either layer previews or screen outputs. 

Synergy’s media browser allows content to be selected and uploaded to specific locations on connected servers from the console interface, with content appearing on the bank with a thumbnail ready to play once a file is uploaded and/or converted to AiM. 

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