Avolites launches Prism Zero to simplify video design

Avolites has released a standalone video application named Prism Zero to simplify complex video design and integration.

The application expands the Prism range of live production tools alongside significant upgrades to Prism Player. The new platform is suitable for venues, corporate events or art installations where there may not be a video specialist on site.
Prism Zero expands the set of tools to give designers a straightforward platform to integrate video into their projects. Building on the feature set of Prism Player 1.1, the software enables media to be integrated, previewed, cropped and played back. 

Prism Zero connects directly with all Avolites Titan lighting consoles via NDI connection and is controlled through the Synergy settings in both platforms. Playback, layer control (such as aspect ratio and colour adjustment), media transfer and pixel mapping can all be controlled via Synergy for lighting and video integration. Video can be pixel mapped directly onto colour mixing fixtures. Media clips in different codecs can be previewed and converted on-the-fly including into the high-quality AiM codec. 

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