Avocor unveils Fuse remote management platform

Avocor has announced the launch of Fuse, a free, cloud-based software management platform that enables IT/AV and FM teams to remotely deploy, configure and manage Avocor products at scale, from anywhere in the world.

With FUSE, teams can improve efficiencies while reducing overheads at every stage from product configuration onwards and extending the useful life of devices.

Built on Xyte’s Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) cloud platform, Fuse enables teams to configure their device estate and organise products into spaces as they appear in the real world (location, spaces, etc..). This enables IT departments to manage the lifecycle of their Avocor devices efficiently. 

Management of multiple Avocor devices is also streamlined with Fuse. Multiple Avocor products can be managed from anywhere through a single view, reducing local IT support overheads and improving efficiencies. 

With Fuse, users can benefit from time-saving features, such as internal and escalated remote support of Avocor devices, instant firmware updates, and automated ticket creation when devices stop reporting or fall outside of customisable parameters. This means AV/IT teams can be confident that firmware and software upgrades are being installed when desired and devices are operating optimally, further futureproofing systems. 

Fuse also collects key data regarding usage, giving CTOs information they need to make strategic decisions around future meeting space requirements. 

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