Avocor displays certified for Microsoft Teams

Avocor’s AVW-6555 Windows collaboration display has been certified for Microsoft Teams , including an interactive display with natural inking and IoT sensor technologies.

The AVW-6555 Windows collaboration display is also certified for Microsoft Azure IoT, providing analysis of meeting space utilisation through integrated certified Azure IoT sensors. 

The display can be operated with a finger (worn with or without gloves) and can also be used with an included stylus and eraser. 

The AVW-6555 features native 4K resolution on an optically bonded glass-surfaced display, with access to the suite of Microsoft 365 productivity tools which can be connected to a laptop, with users able to share and edit content in real time. 

The built-in IoT sensors can also connect to Avocor Aquarius Workspace Intelligence subscription service based on Azure. 

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