Avocor and Logitech launch CollabTouch interactive room system

Avocor has announced the launch of its CollabTouch interactive room collaboration system.

CollabTouch mixes the interactivity of Avocor E and G series displays with Logitech's meeting room peripherals.

The freedom to repurpose gear and swap components without replacing the entire room kit extends the value of Avocor and Logitech’s joint system, and because a single cable powers CollabTouch, the system can be deployed in a range of spaces. This allows end-users to migrate, rearrange, or modify hardware to make the most of any space. 

There are seven room configurations available, depending on room size. Each configuration is supported with an Avocor E or G Series display and includes Logitech Rally Bar for medium/large rooms or Logitech Rally Bar Mini for small/medium rooms. Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini are all-in-one video bars that attach and connect to the Avocor display via a proprietary, unified cable, including HDMI, USB and Ethernet connectivity, and mount to the CollabTouch display. The joint solution supports all popular UC platforms. 




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