Avocent releases multipoint extenders

Avocent has combined its MPX1500 wireless video distribution technology with WiFi advancements, IEEE802.11n MMO-based radios, to create the MPX1550 wireless extender. The IT infrastructure specialist says the new product can deploy a single stream of media to many displays in minutes.

Video and audio remain in lockstep across all displays, moving parts are kept to a minimum and software licensing costs are reduced. All devices in the media network can be remotely managed using the MPX1550 extender's onboard Web interface, which is accessible via a dedicated control LAN interface.

The Emerge MPX1550 extenders offer both wired (over IP) and wireless operation, including distribution of both HD and SD video signals from a single transmitter to a cluster of receivers. The system is optimised for both full motion video and still images.

The extenders support digital and analogue video signals, providing support for a range of DVI, HDMI, VGA and component source and display devices. MPX1550 extenders also perform analogue to digital conversion as needed to match dissimilar source and display devices. For additional control over source and display devices, the MPX1550 extenders also forward serial and IR signals. Support for HDCP aims to distribute protected content through signage networks.

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