AVI-SPL launches Crestron Flex as a Service

AVI-SPL has announced the launch of the new Crestron Flex as a Service program.

With AVI-SPL, companies around the world can tap into the benefits of Crestron Flex to outfit their cloud-connected meeting rooms through predictable, and flexible subscription plans.

The AVI-SPL Crestron Flex as a Service plans reduce upfront costs and scale as customer needs grow. At the same time, customers have continuous access to the latest collaboration technology and the steady support of AVI-SPL’s service delivery teams to ensure these room are working as expected when expected.

With AVI-SPL guiding hybrid meeting transformation and Crestron Flex enabling collaboration in meeting rooms of any size and any configuration, organisations can support the hybrid work that’s essential to business continuity and a successful the return to office.

Crestron Flex’s certified, HD video conferencing and enterprise-grade security is a proven solution for Microsoft Teams and Zoom rooms. It brings the UCC experience employees have grown accustomed to on desktop and mobile into dedicated meeting and collaboration spaces. AVI-SPL’s portfolio of professional and managed services, as well as their 24/7 help-desk support, ensure this transformation runs from planning through steady operation.

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