Aviom announces A320 personal mixer

Aviom has announced the addition of the A320 personal mixer to their product range. With the inclusion of the A360 personal mixer that was released last year, Aviom now offers greater variety and a wider feature set for those looking for a personal mixer.

Like the A360, the new A320 is designed to deliver quality sound as well as an easy to use interface. The Aviom A320 is intended to be used with in-ear monitors.

The product uses a 32 channel mix engine for mixing up to 16 mono or stereo sources. Stereo Placement from Avion is used to control the pan and spread of stereo signals into a single control.

This allows both mono and stereo sources to be positioned in the stereo field of the mix as a whole, significantly improving the user experience with in-ear monitors and headphones, while providing the most streamlined user interface.

The A320 also offers per-channel volume, mute, and solo, as well as the same three-band master tone controls found on the A360. Used together, master Bass, Treble, and Enhance give musicians easy-to-use EQ optimized for in-ear monitors

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