AVer targets meeting rooms with all-in-one conferencing system

AVer Europe has launched the VC520 Pro2 professional conferencing system for mid-to-large-sized meeting rooms.

The video conference camera and speakerphone is equipped with an 24x total zoom, AVer SmartFrame, IP video streaming and single USB installation.

In-room audio is captured with a full-duplex microphone array and echo cancellation on the VC520 Pro2. Additional units can be daisy-chained to pick up voices and deliver clear sound within a 9m diameter. The speakerphone can be muted and volume controlled via touch controls. The VC520 Pro2 delivers video imaging at up to 1080p, 60fps quality.

The SmartFrame function detects and frames meeting participants (even when wearing masks) or present facial profiles from up to 7m away. A Sony sensor embedded in the VC520 Pro2 enables True WDR up to 120dB and controls the light values of pixels and displays constant clarity on the screen.

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