Aver launches VC camera and speakerphone

Aver has debuted its CAM520 Pro2 video conference camera and VC520 Pro2 speakerphone.

Designed for medium to large conference rooms, the CAM520 Pro2 is designed for facial and body detection on the screen up to almost 10 metres and can detect people with masks on. The CAM520 Pro2 also includes 18x total zoom (12x optical and 6x digital), Sony True WDR and an 84 degrees field of view.

The VC520 Pro2 camera and speakerphone allows users to capture audio throughout a room with a full-duplex microphone array and echo cancellation, allowing for daisy-chaining of additional units to pick up voices and sound within a 9 metre diameter. Touch controls are also included for muting and volume control.

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