AVer launches professional auto tracking camera

AVer has unveiled its PTC500S professional auto tracking camera for presenters, the PTC500S, allowing users to create videos for streaming, sharing and recording during lectures, demonstrations, video conferences and speeches.

The PTC500S features a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera, a 30x optical zoom and secondary 120 degrees field of vision panoramic camera. 

The camera also captures full HD 1080P video, features three tracking modes and multi-presenter detection. 

350 degrees pan and 120 degrees tilt radius is included, with 60fps video and a remote autofocus function to track a moving presenter and display important details, using Aver’s algorithms to track a presenter’s face and movements without wearing accessories. 

The PTC500S also has a dual lens, providing picture in picture mode to capture and view the speaker as well as the rest of the room. 

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