AVer launches endpoint VC solutions

Aver has launched the EVC130 and EVC130p, full HD (1080p) endpoint video conferencing solutions for SMBs and the education and healthcare sectors.

The EVC130 boasts a 2MP fixed focus camera with an 88° field of view and 4x digital zoom, making it versatile enough for a person-to-person call or to broadcast an entire room. It also has an 1080p resolution for main video and 720p for content sharing, both at 30fps.

Alongside the EVC130 sits the EVC130p thathas a 2MP Point-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera, featuring a 16x optical zoom.

It also has a microphone array system and houses three mic receivers to identify the main audio source and fade out unwanted noise before combining into a single stream.

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