AVer introduces USB 3.0 extension system for PTZ cameras

AVer has announced the release today of UE1, the new USB extender for PTZ cameras.

The AVer UE1 is an extender kit that transmits USB 3.0 signals over long distances, allowing Pro AV cameras to be mounted farther away while maintaining 4K video quality. The UE1’s compact design along with its plug-n-play capabilities allows for flexible deployment and an increase of camera distance.

The UE1 transmits USB 3.0 signals from farther distances by using CAT cabling. Traditional USB cables are limited to a maximum length of 5 metres, but the UE1’s use of ethernet cables and PoE (Power over Ethernet) allows cameras to transmit data up to 100 metres away without any signal loss or degradation.

Suitable for high bandwidth environments, the UE1 is useful for professional AV setups where cameras or other peripherals need to be positioned at a distance from the operating PC or laptop. UE1 also supports PoE++, a higher standard of power delivery in order to maintain quality in data and power levels. UE1 delivers PoE power at 65 watts. 

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