AVer Europe launches all-in-one video conferencing camera

AVer Europe has announced the launch of its newest camera, the VB342 Pro.

The all-in-one VB342 Pro comes with an integrated high-quality speaker and microphone, as well as an upgraded premium video bar, providing a quality video conferencing experience for all small to medium size meeting rooms.

The VB342 Pro features improvements including a 15X total zoom, 8-metre microphone range and support for extension 10m/20m speakerphones/microphones.

The VB342 Pro features include:

Presentation Tracking: Through a combination of audio tracking and video tracking, when the presenter speaks in the pre-set area, the VB342 Pro will locate and frame the area. Should the presenter move out of the area, or someone talk beyond the area, the VB342 Pro will track the speaker and zoom to provide the best possible image.

Beamforming Technology: High-Tech AVer Beamforming allows microphones to pick up and focus on voices in any meeting.

Smart Gallery: Offers the remote site clear views of every participant, which enables AI face and body detection technology to crop participants’ faces. You can choose between headshot and half body mode to adapt to any situation without compromise.

Audio Fence: New and improved Audio Fence technology detects noises outside of the camera’s field of view and blocks them out, ensuring clear disruption-free remote meetings. This combines with Beamforming Technology to ensure resonant sound and clear participant voices.

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