AVer Europe launches 2 USB cameras for hybrid offices

AVer Europe has announced the release of two remote meeting devices. The VB130 Video Bar and CAM130 Conferencing Camera are suitable for office or WFH use.

The USB plug-and-play VB130 Video Bar is an all-in-one 4K conferencing camera with built-in intelligent lighting.

The light automatically adjusts to environmental conditions to brighten dim faces and eliminate blue shadows from screen reflection in huddle rooms and smaller spaces. This allows users to appear professional from anywhere, including work from home (WFH) setups.

The VB130 includes Noise-Blocking Capability: the Audio Fence is an invisible barrier that users can adjust to keep external sounds from interrupting their meetings. The Audio Fence is especially useful for blocking noises from meetings in open areas of agile workspaces.

Automatic Voice Tracking lets the camera automatically follow the human voice, enabling Presentation and Preset Tracking Modes. In Presentation Mode, the camera frames the users in the presentation area. In Preset Tracking Mode, the camera follows the human voice through preset areas. SmartFrame optimises meeting efficiency by automatically framing the participants onscreen—recognising people in masks or any facial profile up to 5 metres away.

AVer Europe has also released the CAM130, a compact USB camera suitable for WFH and on the go or using in small rooms in a hybrid office. The 4K CAM130 includes intelligent lighting to keep users clear onscreen wherever they work from. Advanced SmartFrame automatically adjusts to fit meeting participants in frame, even when they’re masked or showing a side profile.

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