Aver Europe adds voice tracking to pro-AV cameras

AVer Europe has announced the availability of voice tracking functionality to all AVer pro-AV auto tracking and PTZ series cameras using AVer PTZ Link software and select microphones.

AVer PTZ Link is an app for Windows and Mac that delivers voice-based camera tracking technology. By using PTZ Link and specific Shure Microflex Advance microphones including the MXA910, MXA710, MXA310 and IntelliMix P300 Digital Signal Processor, any AVer Pro AV camera can automatically switch focus between different speakers.  

PTZ Link features IP-based control for integration to both cameras and microphones, with no programming required. The software is free and can be downloaded from the AVer website.

With the PTZ Link software loaded on a computer, users can direct the software to link up to 5 pairs of microphones and AVer PTZ cameras.  A slight time delay can also be set for the PTZ camera so that it will only pan/tilt once there is a permanent audio signal.  

The system can also be programmed to default to a preset if audio is not being detected after an extended period, making automation much easier. With automated and camera panning, this system is suitable for conferences, training courses, classrooms and lecture halls.

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