AVer debuts VB342+ video soundbar

AVer has unveiled its VB342+ video soundbar, capable of operating as a conferencing system in a huddle room or small conference space environment.

The VB342+ includes SmartFrame and SmartSpeaker proprietary Aver AI, wide dynamic range and 120 degrees field of vision. 

The VB342+ automatically frames meeting room participants, adjusting camera zoom, pan and focus to fit every participant on screen. 

SmartSpeaker tracking pinpoints speakers wherever a participant is in the room with a six metre diametre range, allowing users to avoid moving close to the microphone. 

The soundbar features a 120 degrees frame of vision multi-glass lens that features a motorised 180 degrees pan and 105 degrees tilt view. 

Mobile phones can also connect with the VB342+ via Bluetooth. 

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