AVB switches hit market after Extreme Networks gets certifcation

AVnu-certified AVB switches are now available after the Extreme Networks Summit X440 series of stackable switches passed testing for certification.

Rick Kreifeldt, president of certification body, the AVnu Alliance, said: "We are thrilled to announce the first AVnu-certified family of switches from Extreme Networks. This is just the first of many AVnu-certified products to come, but an important start. We are proud of Extreme Networks' dedication to furthering the momentum of AVB.

“The Alliance chose to do more than simply connect products together and check that they can connect and stream. Instead, we developed a robust set of hundreds of conformance tests that ensure devices implement AVB standards consistently-- which is the only way to ensure interoperability."

Todd Acree, director of product management at Extreme Networks, said: "AVB provides an infrastructure that supports a level of scalability and flexibility that is extremely important for our switches.

“We put our Summit X440 Series of stackable switches through the extensive testing and are extremely proud to announce it as the first AVnu-certified switch series on the market."