AV Stumpfl to update Pixera line at Prolight + Sound 2019

AV Stumpfl will introduce its Pixera Mini media server, Pixera v1.0 software and the AT64-Shift screen system leg.

The Pixera 64-bit system is designed for real-time media processing, compositing and management.

It features a new interface logic, allowing users to understand the main software mechanics.

2D and 3D spaces are integrated for show programming, compositing and warping/projection mapping.

An integrated projector is featured, alongside LED display databases for drag and drop pre-configuration.

A flexible API is included, with NDI streaming being supported.

The new Pixera one and Pixera two media server systems will be unveiled at the show alongside the Pixera mini, with the Pixera one and two both supporting FLEX input card technology.

The Pixera one can play back uncompressed 4K at 60fps, fitted with an option of two or four outputs. 

Pixera two is a 2U server model that features a redundant power supply and comes equipped with either two, four or eight outputs depending on model.

The Pixera mini media player unit is also available with two or four outputs. 

The AT64-SHIFT screen system leg will also be previewed at the show, a screen system leg that is designed for mobile projection screens, designed for larger projects than AV Stumpfl’s T32-SHIFT.


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