AV Stumpfl media server pumps out 3 x 4K at 60fps

AV Stumpfl has unveiled Wings Engine Raw, a triple-stream 4K uncompressed media server that uses a custom engineered RAID 10 system.

Wings Engine Raw can deliver a constant data stream of three channels of true 4K (4,096 x 2,304 pixels) uncompressed video content at 60fps plus up to 16 text and picture layers, and up to 24 uncompressed audio streams. The server removes the need to convert content into any intermediate codec format. Content can include native picture sequences such as TGA or TIFF and instant PNG image format processing. The system can process and deliver video content at the full 4:4:4 colour sampling.

Wings Engine Raw hosts the new WingsRX render core engine which has a 64bit program architecture and uses SSE CPU instructions to decentralise processing power. The software has been designed for a range of applications including themed attractions, digital signage, trade shows, live events and full dome systems.

The system is accompanied by AV Stumpfl’s embedded operating system, Backup-Manager, that features a dedicated EDID management and automatic camera based calibration system for soft-edge blending, warp and geometry mapping, all operable by time line control.