AV signal management line extended

Altinex has dramatically expanded its MultiTasker AV System offerings. With the introduction of more than 800 new parts to select from, the MultiTasker AV System becomes the industry’s most versatile and highly configurable product group, the company claims.

The MultiTasker product line is a modular, card-based, and freely configurable AV system. As an alternative to traditional AV system designs with stand-alone AV components, the MultiTasker system facilitates 100% flexibility and modularity. Designing an AV system with MultiTasker components is no different than designing an AV system with traditional stand-alone products, yet with over 70 available plug in cards from which to choose, the MultiTasker approach provides greater freedom in configuring a system, coupled with increased savings, as contractors need not acquire any more I/O capacity than is required for the scope of the project.

The key to building a successful AV system begins with the matrix switcher (or router) and this is, the company says, one of the Altinex MultiTasker system’s greatest strengths. Available in a wide range of signal terminations, the MultiTasker matrix switchers enable one to configure an AV system as small as 4 x 4 or as large as 64 x 64. Designed to enable a contractor to assemble an AV system with the perfect combination of connectors, Altinex MultiTasker matrix switchers are available in the following signal formats: composite video, S-Video, HDTV/component video, VGA, Twisted Pairs, as well as mono and stereo audio. In addition to the extensive standard offerings already available, Altinex also offers contractors custom configurations—thus ensuring the perfect fit for each and every installation.

In addition to the extensive number of matrix switcher configurations available, contractors and their customers needn’t be concerned about capacity for future system expansion. While the MultiTasker matrix switchers’ maximum I/O capacity on a single system is 64 x 64, these routers can be cascaded in any combination up to a maximum of 128 x 128—ensuring more than enough capacity for even the most ambitious expansion plans.

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