AV Link releases multi-window video processor family

AV Link has released a multi-window video processor family featuring Xilinx Kintex UltraScale devices.

MaitreView 8KPro, MaitreView 4KPro, and MaitreView 4KLite are aimed at use in collaborative meetings to enhance productivity.

The new product line delivers a glitch-free switch between 2 displayed input videos. It represents switching between images of shown videos without any black frame or distortion over output screens. It also supports scaling up and down for resizing.

MaitreView 8KPro and MaitreView 4KPro are seamless-switching 8K/60Hz and 4K/60Hz HDMI multi-window video processors. Customers can show all information on 2 screens in any way they like and anywhere they want. Their core engines are powered by an 8K/4K video processing algorithm driving on Xilinx FPGA. Real-time Drag & Drop deploys information from 4 inputs in any size and position to display on 2 outputs. 

MaitreView 4KLite displays up to four 4K/60Hz sources and not only makes the most of the visual space on screens to enhance collaborations and accelerate decision making but also helps professionals accurately interpret the details of high-quality images. Control is via a web GUI, IR(remote control included), or front panel buttons for switching up to 6 default multi-window and single-window modes.






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