Australian Monitor Cafe series available in UK

Polar Audio has announced the availability of Australian Monitor’s Cafe Series in the UK.

The Cafe Series subwoofer and satellite speaker package is suitable for café’s, restaurants, boardrooms, bars, retail shops. The products are available in black or white and comprise the Cafe 20 speakers and Cafe 80P powered subwoofer, available as individual components or as a complete package.

Cafe 20 Speakers
The Cafe 20 is a compact, extruded aluminium two-way speaker. The units are supplied in pairs with brackets included and feature a 3" woofer and a ½" tweeter. Rated at 20Watts, it can be powered via a conventional amplifier or from the Cafe 80P subwoofer. The Cafe 20's are supplied with a multi angle ball joint style bracket.

Cafe 80P Subwoofer
The Cafe 80P subwoofer features dual 6.5" drivers and includes five amplifiers - an 80Watt D Class power amplifier plus four 20Watt amplifiers for up to four Cafe 20's. With the addition of the Cafe WMVC, a wall mount volume control, which allows for remote wall mounted master volume, treble and bass control the subwoofer can act as a system controller. The WWVC is mounted on a wall plate with connection via CAT5 cable. It features RCA in, Stereo XLR in/thru and stereo/mono switching (for satellites).

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