Aurora WACI PAD facilitates LCD button programming

Aurora's WACI PAD allows users to program LCD buttons so the button image and assigned macro can change with each press.

The control system specialist says buttons can be programmed via a ‘drag and drop’ environment with WPC (Waci Pad Creator) software.

Buttons can display custom Bitmap images with text, as well as various background colours, while executing events and macro's for controlling conference rooms or classroom AV equipment.

WACI PAF has enough memory for up to 100 pages of buttons and can emulate touch panel projects within a single-gang six-button wall mount or two-gang 12-button mount.

The units are also autonomous control systems with a PoE LAN port, bidirectional RS232 and IR/RS232 port.

Port expansion is possible through Aurora's line of Nugget Port Expanders (RS232, IR, Relays or DIO versions). When used with Aurora's other WACI NX controllers each button can display real-time feedback from displays, projectors or other AV components. The units also boast an internal web server for hosting web Control pages for iPad/Tablet remote room control.

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