Audipack debuts three sound systems

Audipack will present products including the LSS-UFO, LSS-Boomerang and FSW-Atlas at ISE 2016.

The LSS-UFO is designed for applications in public areas and boardrooms. The ceiling suspended speaker features four internal audio elements which radiate sound in the direction of its own to create a broad beam width in the area. 

The specially angled LLS-Boomerang speaker can be mounted around the corner of a wall or to a column in public spaces, with two systems working providing sound for four sides. The unit has a wide beam width from its multiple driver system which can be customised.

Audipack’s FSW-Atlas trolley is an all-in-one trolley with invisible integrated audio in the column. The atlas has a three-way power socket integrated for connecting the monitor and peripherals, with a wheel frame featuring a PowerCON power connection, RJ45 and HDMI.

Stand: 1-F40 and 8-E312

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