Audio-Technica upgrades lavalier mics with new models

Audio-Technica has introduced the low-profile BP898 subminiature cardioid condenser and BP899 subminiature omnidirectional condenser lavalier microphones.

The models are direct replacements and upgrades to the existing AT898 and AT899 and are available in a number of different terminations (for wired or wireless use). The BP898 [pictured right] is available in five black-finished models, all with permanently attached cables and varying termination and power configurations. Available in a number of variations, each of the BP899 [pictured above] options features permanently attached cables, varying termination and power configurations and black or theatre beige finishes.Audio-Technica upgrades lavalier mics with new models

Both microphones are suitable for stage and television talent, lecturers, and worship leaders. The 5.3mm diameter design ensures minimum visibility.

The BP898 with cardioid capsule can handle up-close, directional mic’ing. The directionality of the BP898 cardioid element has a pronounced proximity effect when used at close range, enhancing the user’s voice. If the mic needs to be used at a greater distance or a less focused pickup is desired, the BP899 with an omnidirectional capsule is recommended.

Audio-Technica designed the BP899 with an open-diaphragm design for maximum frequency response with protective mesh that repels sweat and other moisture and lasting performance. It includes a resonance cap that can be applied to the mic for greater intelligibility and to direct sweat and moisture away.

The BP898 and BP899 have built on the design of the AT898 and AT899 with higher quality cable-build; improved connectors that better reduce moisture; an included clothing clip (with 16 distinct angle adjustments over 360-degrees) and two strain relief points for easy cable routing and isolation from mechanical noise; and two new included windscreens that snap onto the mic, each featuring a clasp that keeps the windscreen secured to the microphone. The microphones’ capsules are fitted into a rugged metal housing to shield the electronic circuitry from external electromagnetic noise. Both mics are RoHS compliant.

Audio-Technica upgrades lavalier mics with new models

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