Audio-Technica debuts updated SmartMixer, launches new link extender and wall panel

Audio-Technica has launched its updated ATDM-0604a digital SmartMixer, as well as the new ALK-EXT25 Link Extender and the ATCP-W025 Wall Control Panel.

The ATDM-0604a SmartMixer allows for remote mute control of the ES954 hanging microphone array via LINK connectivity with the ACP-W02S control panel, enabling up to four panels to be used in conjunction with the SmarMixer as well as control of LED via GPO ports.

The SmartMixer features six mic/line inputs, balanced and unbalanced stereo outputs, USB audio input/output, four-band EQ and compressor/de-esser for each input system and 12-band parametric EQ, compressor and limiter for each output.

Audio input and output settings can be configured from the front panel without a computer, with additional control available via Web browser or the SmartMixer Manager app.

ATLK-EXT25 Link Extender

The ALK-EXT25 provides up to 25 watts of additional power to the unit for extended cable runs, including a pair of RJ45 ports, connecting between the ring or daisy chaining of connected components to feed in both forward and reverse directions.

ATCP-W025 Wall Control Panel 

The programmable ATCP-W025 Wall Control Panel enables power and data traffic to be delivered between the panel and SmartMixers over AT-Link terminals using standard Cat5e cables or higher.

Up to four control panels can be connected to each SmartMixer, with a pair of backlit buttons and rotary dial configurable with the SmartMixer Manager app or via web remote on PC or Mac.

The panel can be used in conjunction with the ATDM-0604a SmartMixer and ATLK-EXT25 Link Extender.

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