Audio-Technica announces Engineered Sound Wireless microphone system

Audio-Technica is showing a new Engineered Sound Wireless system for the first time at ISE 2023, meeting demand for wireless microphones for video- and web-conferencing.

The system offers frequency co-ordination and a roaming function that allows transmitters to connect to multiple receivers for wide-ranging coverage in larger venues.

It comprises the ESW-R4180DAN 8-channel Dante-enabled receiver and a choice of four transmitters: the ESW-T4101 bodypack with built-in microphone, ESW-T4102/C510 handheld, ESW-T4106 boundary mic and ESW-T4107 desk stand. Installation is straightforward with a PoE power supply for the receiver and Dante audio output capabilities. Wiring is as simple as connecting a single Cat 5e cable to a PoE-compatible switching hub. System integrators can configure detailed settings to meet various end-user needs via Audio-Technica’s Wireless Manager software, which manages multiple wireless systems, including UHF wireless systems, from a single screen. AES256 encryption support comes as standard.

The choice of transmitters all feature lithium-ion batteries for all day operation on a single charge; two charging options are available, the ESW-CHG4 two-bay body-pack and handheld charging station and ESW-CHG5 four-bay desk stand and boundary charging station. The charge stations provide full power recharge in as little as two hours and the stations can be linked (up to four CHG4 and two CHG5) with one AC adaptor and Cat 5e cable.

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