AudioScience demos Hono AVB controller

AudioScience demonstrated its Hono Audio Video Bridging (AVB) controller, a GUI controller for use with its products and 3rd party AVB devices, at InfoComm 2016.

The controller provides configuration and routing of IEEE 1722 audio stream formats using the IEEE 1722.1 AVDECC protocol. It supports AudioScience AVB devices with IEEE 1722.1 dynamic stream mappings, allowing individual channels to be selected from incoming streams and routed to outgoing streams. The initial version of the controller runs on Windows, but developers say an Apple OS X version is on the way. 

Hono AVB Controller is built upon the foundation of avdecc-lib, an open source AVB controller library. Avdecc-lib is part of the AVnu OpenAVB effort, an open source project for AVnu software, drivers and building blocks. 

AudioScience also demonstrated upgrades to its suite of AVnu-certified and other AVB products at InfoComm 2016. The Hono family, including the VSC, and AVnu-certified Mini and Custom can now transmit and receive 2,4,8, 16 and 32 channel streams. Sample rates of both 48 and 96kHz are supported. The 64 channel version of the Hono Virtual Sound Card (VSC) has been upgraded and now has 16 audio streams on both transmit and receive. 

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