AudioPressBox launches multi-connectivity press box model

AudioPressBox has debuted its APB-320 C-D-USB, combining analogue, Dante and USB-C connectivity.

The APB-320 C-D-USB is a portable press box with two analogue mic/line inputs, one Dante input, and one digital USB-C input and output. The digital USB-C in and out allows a remote participant to connect via videoconference (MS Teams, Zoom, Webex) and more.

The unit has 16 analogue XLR mic/line and four digital USB-C outputs, enabling journalists to connect smartphones (both iOS and Android) via USB-C to USB-C cable to record audio, enable video recording or stream online.

A rechargeable Accu-Pack, the APB-320 C-D-USB enables users to host press conferences on the go, requiring only a microphone to be plugged in for setup in under 30 seconds.

A unit-printed QR code is included for quick access to the press box’s manual and video guide, in addition to a waterproof IP67 Nanuk case, available in a range of colours.

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