AudioPressBox just updated the gamechanger with Dante

AudioPressBox is a European manufacturer of professional press conference audio distribution amplifiers for press conferences

The brand new press box APB-216 C-D is a gamechanger that just got better.

The implementation of Dante has made this AudioPressBox unit truly unique as the features: Dante-enabled, heavy duty Nanuk case, portable make it the most versatile press box in the whole world.

Unique features of the new APB-216 C-D

1 channel Dante Input as well as 1 channel Analog with 2 Mic / Line Inputs allows you to choose the input signal depending on your setup. The Phantom power allows you to connect condenser microphones directly without the need of using a mixing console. Due to the 2 Inputs - one input can be used by the microphone of the speaker and the second one is for the microphone for questions of journalists.

The rechargeable Accu-Pack allows you to set up a press conference literally anywhere. Just plug in the microphone and you are good to go in less than 30 seconds wherever you are.


APB-216 C-D provides 16 balanced and individually transformer isolated outputs. Each output has switchable output level between Mic or Line level (-20/+6 dBu).

The unit itself is designed to be very user-friendly and should you ever feel lost, there is on-unit printed QR code so that you always have access to the manual and video guide. The new APB-216 C-D is suitable both for professionals as well as people with no AV background.

All of this is packed in a heavy duty, waterproof IP67 Nanuk case.

What is more, the case is available in 6 different colour options.

About AudioPressBox

AudioPressBox is a European manufacturer of professional press conference audio distribution amplifiers.

AudioPressBox is a sophisticated tool for audio distribution at press conferences, presentations and other events where audio signal has to be transmitted or recorded by multiple TVs, cameras, audio recorders, reporters and/or journalists. AudioPressBox currently has the largest portfolio of Press Boxes in the whole world including Dante-enabled press boxes.

Visit AudioPressBox web page to find more information:

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