Audio-Technica updates ES microphone range

​Audio-Technica announced new products to support the engineered sound (ES) microphone range

The ES range comprises four elements for the ES925 microphone, with cardioid, hypercardioid, omnidirectional and Audio-Technica’s Microline condenser options.

Six goosenecks are available for the ES925, as well as 6-in, 12-in, 15-in, 18-in, 21-in and 24-in lengths, with all models except the 6-in featuring a double-gooseneck design.

The ES line features four power options, with the ES8544 in-line module, two flush-mount options (the ES8755R 3-pin and remotely switchable 5-pin ES8755RC) as well as the ES8766RC desk stand.

The ES8755R and ES8755RC flush mounts and ES8766RC desk stand feature an RGB LED and offer eight colour variations.

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