Audio-Technica releases ES925 gooseneck microphone systems

Audio-Technica has launched multiple variations of its ES925 gooseneck microphone, with three different polar patterns, four different power module options and six gooseneck lengths.

All ES925 modular microphone components are interchangeable, allowing users to configure each microphone system from a choice of three different polar patterns: “C”,/cardioid, “H”/hypercardioid and “ML”/MicroLine designations.

Four power module options, DS5, FM3, FM5 and XLR designations are available as well as six different gooseneck lengths, rounding out with a total of 72 new offerings in total.

Each ES modular microphone system includes a microphone element, gooseneck and a power module, with 120-degree, 100-degree and 90-degree acceptance angles.

Two-state RGB LED status indicators are included, with optional 3-pin and 5-pin flush mount power modules, featuring isolators that provide mechanical dampening of the mounting surface, with both versions being equipped with a capacitive touch switch to enable local muting of the microphone.

The 3-pin XLR power module version plugs into standard XLRF-type connectors and can also mount to 5/8-in-27 stands using an included quick-mount stand adapter.

The XLR version also allows LED control when used with ATUC series products.

All four power module versions include UniGuard RFI-shielding technology.

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