Audio Technica launches BP3600 microphone for immersive audio use

Audio-Technica has announced scheduled availability in Europe and the UK for its BP3600 immersive audio microphone, designed to capture three-dimensional sound beds at sporting events, concerts, movie sets and more.

The BP3600 includes eight compact capsule assemblies, offering direct routing without the need for additional decoding or latency processing with 5.1.4-channel speaker layouts. 

The BP3600’s eight microphone modules extend from the body to form a cube with 15cm between each microphone assembly. Each micrphone assembly is equipped with a 12mm hypercardioid capsule to produce separated signals.

When used in a typical 5.1.4 immersive setup, the four upper microphone channels can be assigned to the upper speaker channels, with the four lower channels able to be assigned in the lower speaker channels, eliminating the need for additional decoding or latency processing during routing. 

Each microphone assembly features a lock for repeatable positioning, preventing accidental removal. A safety strap is also included that can be connected to drop-prevention wires when used above spectators in stadiums, auditoriums and other venues. 

The microphone’s grip includes a Lemo 2B multi-pin output connector for attaching the Lemo-to-XLRM (x8) breakout cable for routing the eight channels to a mixing console or audio interface. 

The BP3600 also comes standard with eight windscreens a microphone stand clamp with a threaded adapter. 

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