’‹Audio-Technica launches infared conference system at ISE 2019

The ATUC-IR has been unveiled at ISE 2019.

The infared design of the ATUC-IR allows for signals to be confined within conference space walls, using infared transmission technology and existing components from the ATUC-50 digital discussion system.

Up to 500 discussion units can be achieved by linking one ATUC-IRCU (or Dante compatible ATUC-IRCUDAN) with up to two ATUC-50CUs. The ATUC-IRCU or ATUC-IRCUDAN controls all connected discussion units in this combination, allowing users to record to a USB device.

The ATUC-IRDU discussion unit features two multi-functional buttons, capable of being shared between two delegates, as well as two headphone outputs and customisable RGB LEDs.

The rechargeable batteries on the unit can also be swapped during operation when two batteries are in use.

Size interpretation units can also be connected to the system to handle up to three languages for multi-language applications.

Expanding on the existing ATUC-50 system, the ATUC-IR also features full control via web remote control, IP control functionality for access from third party control systems and a built-in feedback suppressor.




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