Audio-Technica expands 3000 series wireless system at NAMM 2020

Audio-Technica has expanded its 3000 series UHF wireless systems with the ATW-R3210N which features an added network port.

Network control and monitoring is enabled, with the 3000 series being compatible with Audio-Technica’s wireless manager software for Mac OS/Windows that enables remote configuration, control, monitoring, spectrum management and frequency coordination of devices in sound reinforcement or installed sound applications. 

The software package includes control and management functions of networked receivers organised into three tabs: device list, which auto-discovers connected and compatible Audio-Technica hardware, allowing users to populate a device list of Audio-Technica systems and other wireless systems; Frequency coordination allows for spectrum scanning via the 3000 series wireless with the network option feature or other Audio-Technica connected network-enabled receivers, in addition to the option to use a pre-loaded television channel database for off-site planning.

The monitor feature allows for live monitoring of connected systems with an option to filter the displayed devices by assigned tag groups, with parameters monitored including AF, RF, battery and transmit power. 

The 3000 series wireless systems are available in two frequency bands: DE2 (470-530 MHz) and EE1 (530-590 MHz), with frequencies able to be scanned and selected on the receiver and synced with the transmitter via IR sync functionality. 

Swappable backup frequencies can also be set by pressing the transmitter’s multifunction button in the event of interference.   

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