Audio monitor “simple and versatile”

AUTHOR: Inavate

An audio monitor based on the WohlerPlus modular platform is designed to meet broadcasters’ demands for a dedicated monitoring solution. Wohler’s AMP2-16MSDI provides display for up to 16 channels of embedded audio.

Built on fully digital system architecture featuring multiple high-fidelity class-D amplifiers, the product provides near field monitoring for any mix of stereo and mono. The unit includes demuxed outputs of eight AES pairs on unbalanced 75-ohm BNC connectors and also provides a reclocked loop output of the SDI signal.

The AMP2-16MSDI features a high-resolution LCD display with 210-segment high-resolution bar graph level meters. Colours and settings for scale and range are user-selectable along with several predefined scales and ballistics including AES, BBC, and Nordic. Each displayed meter set clearly indicates the phase for stereo sources prior to output on the speakers. The AMP2-16MSDI audio monitor also addresses key issues in DTV audio delivery, providing measurement of program loudness in adherence with ITU-1770/1771, which is displayed prominently on the unit's LCD status screen.

The AMP2-16MSDI is delivered with a default-operating configuration but offers operators up to four user-definable presets that store and recall all parameters selected or adjusted by the user. All functions are also accessible via Ethernet with an optional PC-compatible application.