Audio matrix from Apart Audio

Apart Audio has unveiled the Audiosystem8.8 which is an audio matrix targeted at multi-zone installations for small or medium sized applications.

Audiosystem8.8 audio matrix has eight speaker outputs (four stereo or eight mono zones) with each a built-in 30W digital amplifier and also has four additional line outputs. The unit has four FM radios built-in and it has four/eight stereo/mono line inputs. Out of the box the Audiosystem8.8 is configured with four stereo inputs and four stereo output zones.

Additional features include access to the integrated web server based GUI to configure and control the audio system. Being accessible by browser means that control from smart devices is possible. Audiosystem8.8 can also be remote controlled via DIWAC wall panels.

The Apart Audio Audiosystem8.8 is designed as a solution for retail and corporate sectors.

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