Audio conversion: Prism Sound launches ADA-128

Prism Sound launched the ADA-128, a modular audio conversion system that offers up to up to 128 channels of 32-bit A/D and D/A conversion at sample rates of up to 768kHz.

It is the latest product in the Dream A/D and D/A converter range and is designed as both a conversion system and a networkable audio distribution and processing system. It is built around a flexible 2RU mainframe that can be fitted with up to 16 analogue and digital IO modules (each of which nominally provides eight input or output ports, or both). Up to four host modules provide bidirectional multi-channel connections to host computers, workstations, networks etc. The ADA-128 provides free routing between all of these inputs and outputs under detailed user control, as well as a range of processing functions.

The inspiration for the ADA-128 originally came from discussions between Jody Thorne, managing director of Prism Sound, and The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in the UK, a facility featured in Inavate and winner of the Education Facility at the 2018 Inavation Awards

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